The Sedonas

Your Ears Will Thank Me

I recently had the pleasure of one of those accidental Facebook finds. I’m not exactly sure how or why my path crossed with Connor Wike’s of The Sedonas, but it did, and I am eternally grateful to the FB Gods for our unlikely profilic collision. Out of that technological phenomenon, a lovely personal invitation to come see the show, was extended my way.  I gladly accepted and started my Googling! It wasn’t long before I was contacting Connor, thanking him profusely, and absolutely jonsing to photograph this band. Hearing them engineered was one thing, experiencing this band live was spiritual. Connor and band will make you feel everything you hear. Even if he has to come out into the audience and wring it out of you, you WILL feel this band.

I was immediately drawn to the guitarist and his level of craftsmanship.  Come to find out, I knew it well, a former student from Maynardville, TN, Rondo Johnson.  He plays with an ease reserved only for those chosen few.  You’d never know that boy could make that kind of noise.  His playing alone is worth your time to find out about this band!  Completing the lineup on drums, Casey Green, and on bass, Jon Augustus.   These are the Gentlemen that provide the sea of possibilities for Connor Wike’s vocal range and stage presence.

He has the smoldering  good looks of Elvis and Jim Morrison, their sexy fluidity.  The hair and swagger of McCartney, the shy schoolboy, that has a secret.  The stage presence of Jagger.  His voice is a mix of Rob Thomas, Brett Michaels, George Clinton, Roger Daltrey and angels.  He will melt you into his song and take you lyrically into demons you haven’t faced…. and it’s the smoothest ride you’ve ever experienced.  He just flows.  This music gets into cracks even water can’t.  I had a chance to catch up with the band and ask them a few questions.  Please check out The Sedonas @   and their debut album The Sedonas @


HRS:  Tell Me a little bit about your sound… obviously your voice has this hauntingly beautiful quality…. But married with the sound of this band … WOW!!!!

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TS:   I would like to think our sound overall has a bit of a Blues and Roots rock mix, but there are so many other elements thrown in there as well such as Americana/Folk sounds, Jazz stylings, Rap influences and even some Reggae.

HRS:  How many songs have you written ?

TS:  I honestly have not written that many songs, the ones on our EP and the upcoming album, “American Paint,” are the only complete tracks we have. The band and I generally spend a good amount of time on each song, and try not to rush the process.

HRS:   What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

TS:  As far as the EP goes, my favorite track would be “Mad Hatter – The Song.” Mostly due to the different genres and moods we explore on it, but also the sudden changes it has makes for an enjoyable song to play live.

HRS:  What is your favorite musical instrument? Why?

TS:  The piano brings a lot and really complements almost any genre, so that’s kind of my favorite instrument to play. I do like the accordion and harmonica as well though.

HRS:  What’s the one thing you’re most proud of concerning the new album?

TS:  The album coming out December 12th has songs that are very straight forward lyrically and structurally, so I’m excited to see the kind of impact that will have on our listeners.

HRS:  If you could change one thing about the world, it would be…

TS:  You know I’m not sure if I have an exact answer for how we could change the world, I do feel if everyone could keep a level head though, and really give thought to their actions, that’d be a good step towards a better place.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show and photographing this band.  Much Appreciation to Facebook for the happy accident.  This girl is a fan for life!  The Sedonas are like R.E.M. out of Athens.  That local band that everyone goes “WOW, they’re local?”  Find them, hear them, buy them, spread them, support them!!!  The Sedonas.  Much Love to Connor Wike for the invite and the interview.  This IS the biggest band you’ve never heard of, until now.  You’re welcome!


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